What Unifies Us – The Value OF EBRO

EBRO’s world contains more than a thousand employees, countless customers, suppliers and other partners in dozens of countries. It quickly becomes clear that all these people can work together successfully only when they share expectations and values that they all accept and that serve as the basis for each individual’s behavior.

That is why we at EBRO have started an open process using the help of all our employees and have defined twelve principles that summarize the foundations of our cooperation internally and externally with memorable statements and eye-catching images. Four major topics form the headlines:


Where we see our roots, how family values connect us and how we are internationally engaged.


How we talk to each other, creatively promote new ideas and deal with each other in conflicts.


What we offer our clients, what goals we pursue for them and how we master challenges.


How we improve products and processes, act as reliable partners and constantly expand our competences.